Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Come on already!

I purposely moderate the comments on my blog. I know that the readership here is nowhere near what I get over at The Spark but I do know probably one or two people venture by now and then. There is an exception to this. For some reason, known only to the people who are initiating this campaign to annoy me, I get comments to two of my old blogs, just two. One written November of 2009 that I wrote about the humble clothesline the other I wrote in late February of this year discussing my usual crazy agenda. It is entitled March Madness.

All other blogs have little or no activity as far as comments go. Why these two blog entries are targets is beyond my meager capabilities, but the purpose is to get me to be a spamming advertiser for whatever someone is trying to shill, with me being the shill-ie. I get an attempt to let a spam laced set of advertising in at least two or three times a month. I see the attempt hit my email box, see that yet again someone wants me to do all the advertising work for them then hit reject comment.

So all you wanna be scam/spam or should I say lazy advertisers who think I am going to let you use my under-read blog to sell male enhancement crap (yuck, now I have an icky mental image), pills of dubious origins, links to pornographic content or websites, or just plain old junk you have a warehouse full of, just stop. I don't even get free samples of any of your junk...not that I want any of what they peddle, to make even considering letting you use my blog for your personal billboard appealing.

Of course if you choose to consider continuing with attempts at wearing me down with links to the hottest new gimmicks, then go right ahead. My delete box is on an all spam diet, and your comment attempts are like ambrosia to it.

Now for the rest of you, all 11 who I know at least acknowledge this blog's existence, comment away! I welcome what you have to say.

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