Monday, March 29, 2010

Its review time again...

By an interesting turn of events, I have found myself as a product tester for two totally different kinds of products. I honestly wouldn't mind trying more, and I just may jump full in and state what I think about the things I use daily. However I am getting free stuff from two companies now. One of them I will be talking about today.

Febreeze has come out with a new air freshener, and I am one of those lucky people who gets to preview the product. Never mind that I repeatedly mention  the fact that "Sylvie has no sense of smell". I still get things from this company, and they always through in a nice little extra. This time around Febreeze is adding to the Destinations Collection with a air freshener called Thai Dragon Fruit. This particular line has other things in it, but it was the aerosol spray that I was sent.

One small side note. the inner package was very pretty, and clever. It was a silk like wrapping in pink and orange. Very Asian, and pretty. I am going to use the silken square in my office somehow. How the wrapping  was done was quite pretty, and I will be borrowing that idea for a future gift wrapping need.

Now on to the products itself. Once again, I smell nothing, so I am depending on my testers to give me the results of their use. Megan, my younger product tester said it smelled pleasant. When I cleaned my bathroom. I sprayed the outer shower curtain. That evening, several hours later, I had Megan smell it again. The scent still was there, yet not overwhelming.She liked it. Later my other daughter Ashley who's sense of smell is set on highly sensitive because of very late term pregnancy used it. She found the scent pleasant and not over powering, somewhat tropical in nature.

The consensus was positive all the way around. I do believe this air freshener is one that many will like.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blogger made something simpler

You may notice that I have changed the look of my background again. That is because Blogger has added a new feature called Blogger in Draft that makes it easier to customize the look of your page. For those not fluent in .html this is an easy way to create a look right down to the color, font, and letter size. You can also instantly see what the page would look like before making it live as you are making changes.

This is much easier then finding a template, then copying the lengthy coding and embedding it properly into the existing blog setting. There are still some limitations, but I suspect that more options will come available in the future. Still what is available now is enough for a great start.

Making the changes to my blogs look took only a few minutes. Now granted I didn't change a whole lot, but I had the opportunity to do a whole lot more then pick one of three color options before copy/pasting the code and hoping I put it in the right place, then having to open a new page to preview my changes. If you are looking to tweak the look of your blog page, or just give the look a whole new overhaul, I recommend trying Blogger in Draft.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thinking politically again

This year is an election year and it is likely to be a wild one. However election day isn't until November. So why am I talking politics in March? Because it is now that we need to begin the process of deciding whom we'd like to see in the offices up for grabs.

I am an unusual voter, because I research the heck out of candidates, and use that research to decide whom best would hold a particular seat. I also don't use the usual "hot topic" issues of the day, such as abortion, gay rights or the candidates religion or church of choice as a deciding factor. I don't care so much about party affiliation, but more so about their stands on things. Instead I look at how they stand on issues such as fiscal ideas, how they stand on innovation for technology and the environment, support of our national defense (if it is a federal candidate), and what they think about earmarks, certain legislative reforms and the business of doing business with politicia

If they are an incumbent, I look at their voting record. Does their record line up to what they say they support or believe in, is it consistent? Do they show up to vote on a regular basis? Does campaigning for upcoming elections take away from the job they are hired to do today? I passed on two presidential candidates who held seats in Congress for the simple fact that their voting record was greatly lacking in content. If a candidate cannot even be bothered to show up for votes at least 80% of the time, then they are wasting the over-sized paychecks we get taxed to pay them with.

So now I am beginning the weeding out process for the upcoming primaries which will be held later this year. I am somewhat surprised at the lack of overt campaigning out there so far. Or maybe the lack of my desire to turn on a television has spared me those annoying political ads. I see few if any signs on the road side, and other then a bit of twitter feed and my friends over at The Spark, it almost seems that there is no election this year. But there is.

I need to figure out...once again what my specific districts are. Ok that is a bone of contention. Depending on what I am thinking about, State Senate, State house or Federal House, I live in three districts, all labeled with different numbers, and I can never remember which number represents what kind of district I am wondering about. It is frustrating and very confusing. Someone please simplify that...or at least give me a voting district for dummies lesson.

So boys and girls, the word for today is research. Research the candidates in your districts (once you've figured out which ones you reside in). Are they a good representation of your idea on important issues? Are they touting the same tried and true hot button issues which are still going to be around for the next couple of decades or are they promoting some good workable ideas for our state and our nation? Are they willing to vote on what is best for the state or the nation, not just their particular district? Are they going to try to look long term at the pros and cons of a bill and vote for the best option, or are they going to allow themselves to be swayed by those who have personal or political thoughts in mind?

Tough questions, so research well, so you can choose well come November.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Its one of THOSE days

Yes its one of those days where it would have been better to stay hidden under the covers because it would have greatly reduced the chances of mayhem and the ensuing embarrassment on your part? Well today was one of those days.

It was my turn to work a Sunday. Now granted I don't like working Sundays. I usually already had a busy morning helping out with something at church, and working a Sunday means I lose a day off that week. But it's part of the job, so I go, and sometimes end up quite busy. Today wasn't one of those busy days. The reason was likely because it was GORGEOUS outside, yes one of the prettiest, warmest Sundays we've had in months. sigh...I'm stuck inside all day.

Being that it wasn't busy another co-worker and I decided to spruce up a display table for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday. We like to do something decorative, on a small scale for holidays and have boxes of things we rotate out throughout the year. We opened the St. Paddy's day box. The first thing I saw was a big felt hat with green and white stripes. "OO perfect for the table" I turned it over. That is when 50 million pieces of shiny shamrock shaped confetti came tumbling out of the hat. Who the heck decided to store confetti in that hat?? After she stopped laughing my co-worker got out the broom and I began unraveling green and white shamrock themed garland to wrap around our table. At least I tried to unravel it. The more I tried, the more it tangled. Jasmine took it out my hand and I swear it fell into one single untangled strand!!

I did a kid's haircut and as soon as I started to dry her hair, the brush I was holding revolted and leaped right out of my hand and onto the floor. That stuff happens a lot as I suspect that my brushes and combs hold "let's frustrate Sylvie meetings on a weekly basis"

Soon after wards a color touch up came in. Right behind her a roller set. I took the color client first, sat her down and ran back to mix my color. I brought the bowl of color and my supplies, and set it on the counter. Then I went to put on my client's cape. A corner of the cape just happened to hit the tip of the brush handle that was in the bowl of color. The brush somersaulted out of the bowl and did a perfect dive right onto the floor. Meanwhile the bowl was skittering across the counter in the opposite direction where it slid off the edge and landed color side down. Oh crap.

Ok, Surely it can't get any worse....yeah right.

So now I am doing the roller set. Things are moving along nicely, except for the occasional interruptions by the phone or other customers. I am halfway through the set when the comb in my hand decides to try a brand new tactic to really "make" my day. I am using what is called a rat tailed comb, meaning it has teeth on one end and a skinny handle on the other. They are great for parting and sectioning. I have that cursed comb in my hand as I reach into the wicker basket I use to hold the rollers I am using. The skinny end of that comb slides effortlessly between sections of wicker and as my hand now holding a roller and the comb moves away, the basket comes with it. Milliseconds later rollers are flying across the room, as everyone erupts into laughter and I barely restrain using words I should never say in public.

Right about then I wonder, because it is nearing St. Patric's Day, if I am being Punked by a sadistic leprechaun. I am not even Irish! At least I provided the day's entertainment.