Monday, July 7, 2008


Ok I just did mention that I need to "de-slugify" my body, especially as it is increasingly Post-op. I have discovered a new weight-lifting method. Well that isn't exactly true, it is one I used to do quite regularly years ago. This method takes no special equipment, no new expensive wardrobe, just a sense of humor and a baby.

Yes a baby, preferably six month old or older. Why that age? Because of the weight! In my granddaughter's case, seven months old of age means 22 pounds and counting of amazing, yet quite hefty cuteness. All you need to do is lift her quickly over your head as many times as your arms hold out. Believe me you'll tire of the game long before she will. Just when your arms fell like they are about to fall off your shoulders from sheer exhaustion, you can then put the baby on your knee for your cool down.

That cool down is a simple exercise. Just bounce your knees up and down with the baby sitting on them. Do this for at least one minute intervals. Hold the baby at least by the waist as they tend to be wobbly or discover something worth attempting to lunge off your lap after.

When your calves are now jiggly masses, you can stop your exercise routine for the day. All that is left is some stretching. You can accomplish that by picking up the toys she has strewn all over your living room. How such a small person can make a mess covering such a wide area is a special skill quickly mastered by children.

Now, I have another excuse to avoid that exercise bike for a day.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

As the flab turns

Ok, it is officially 65 days since my surgery. I am doing much better physically and the absence of my uterus and it's squatters is not missed at all. My energy levels are slowly returning to normal, and I just get "pulls" or twinges when I move contrary to my healing tissues.

However I am still a slug. I look like one, and I feel like one. Loose fitting clothes is my preferred wardrobe choice. I wore jeans today and felt most uncomfortable. Ok, they were 7 years old and likely not for my body type anyway, but did it help me feel better? NO!

I need to get my butt on my exercise bike daily, and when August starts, begin to de-slug my belly. Oh heck, I need a drill sargeant, dragging me out of bed, yelling at me when I order french fries or head towards the candy machine at work, and forcing me to be a work-out queen.

Anyone interested in the job? The pay sucks, but I'm getting desperate, I can't get motivated.