Sunday, July 6, 2008

As the flab turns

Ok, it is officially 65 days since my surgery. I am doing much better physically and the absence of my uterus and it's squatters is not missed at all. My energy levels are slowly returning to normal, and I just get "pulls" or twinges when I move contrary to my healing tissues.

However I am still a slug. I look like one, and I feel like one. Loose fitting clothes is my preferred wardrobe choice. I wore jeans today and felt most uncomfortable. Ok, they were 7 years old and likely not for my body type anyway, but did it help me feel better? NO!

I need to get my butt on my exercise bike daily, and when August starts, begin to de-slug my belly. Oh heck, I need a drill sargeant, dragging me out of bed, yelling at me when I order french fries or head towards the candy machine at work, and forcing me to be a work-out queen.

Anyone interested in the job? The pay sucks, but I'm getting desperate, I can't get motivated.


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