Monday, March 29, 2010

Its review time again...

By an interesting turn of events, I have found myself as a product tester for two totally different kinds of products. I honestly wouldn't mind trying more, and I just may jump full in and state what I think about the things I use daily. However I am getting free stuff from two companies now. One of them I will be talking about today.

Febreeze has come out with a new air freshener, and I am one of those lucky people who gets to preview the product. Never mind that I repeatedly mention  the fact that "Sylvie has no sense of smell". I still get things from this company, and they always through in a nice little extra. This time around Febreeze is adding to the Destinations Collection with a air freshener called Thai Dragon Fruit. This particular line has other things in it, but it was the aerosol spray that I was sent.

One small side note. the inner package was very pretty, and clever. It was a silk like wrapping in pink and orange. Very Asian, and pretty. I am going to use the silken square in my office somehow. How the wrapping  was done was quite pretty, and I will be borrowing that idea for a future gift wrapping need.

Now on to the products itself. Once again, I smell nothing, so I am depending on my testers to give me the results of their use. Megan, my younger product tester said it smelled pleasant. When I cleaned my bathroom. I sprayed the outer shower curtain. That evening, several hours later, I had Megan smell it again. The scent still was there, yet not overwhelming.She liked it. Later my other daughter Ashley who's sense of smell is set on highly sensitive because of very late term pregnancy used it. She found the scent pleasant and not over powering, somewhat tropical in nature.

The consensus was positive all the way around. I do believe this air freshener is one that many will like.

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