Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blogger made something simpler

You may notice that I have changed the look of my background again. That is because Blogger has added a new feature called Blogger in Draft that makes it easier to customize the look of your page. For those not fluent in .html this is an easy way to create a look right down to the color, font, and letter size. You can also instantly see what the page would look like before making it live as you are making changes.

This is much easier then finding a template, then copying the lengthy coding and embedding it properly into the existing blog setting. There are still some limitations, but I suspect that more options will come available in the future. Still what is available now is enough for a great start.

Making the changes to my blogs look took only a few minutes. Now granted I didn't change a whole lot, but I had the opportunity to do a whole lot more then pick one of three color options before copy/pasting the code and hoping I put it in the right place, then having to open a new page to preview my changes. If you are looking to tweak the look of your blog page, or just give the look a whole new overhaul, I recommend trying Blogger in Draft.

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