Friday, July 2, 2010

Wrinkling my brain

 There is a myth that when you learn, you add wrinkles to your brain. If that is true, then hopefully by the time I finish college in a few years, my brain will resemble an over-dried prune, minus the moisture issue.

As a result, of all the homework I have had this summer, yes I took 12 hours, 9 of them online, my brain is going through a wrinkling process, or turning into a big ball of mush. Summer semesters are shorter then regular ones, resulting in a speedier working through the course work. Accounting has been a whole lot of fun to this gal with only passable math kills. My glass top desk must have a surface of some tensile strength as it has endured the frequent bashings  it has received from my head as I struggle to grasp a concept. Thankfully, unless I completely blow the final, I should pass the class with a low B...I hope.

The other three courses have been surprisingly complementary. I am taking Philosophy with focus on ethics, a Sociology and a World Religion class. I have found it quite interesting how one class focus has elements of another class's focus contained within it. I should do pretty well in all of those classes, as I find them enjoyable and readily understandable. Plus I am benefiting for broadening my understanding and appreciation
 of the wonderful diversity that is humanity.

Unfortunately the school + work +Sylvie needs to sleep sometimes equation leaves me less time for other pursuits, like a social life, or writing for just the fun of it. This blog is somewhat neglected and I am putting of a product review until I can concentrate fully on it. It is all I can do to get all the reading needed plus assignments, plus work, plus a weekly column, plus other mundane tasks to consider writing for creative purposes. I miss that already.

Thankfully this semester will end in a few weeks, and I get a break until the Fall Semester starts. Luckily for me one of my classes that semester will be degree focused, as I wade through more of the pre-reqs needed to graduate. People ask what I am going to do when I get out of school. I honestly don't know what a Creative and Professional Writing Degree will offer me, but I am looking forward to finding out.

These past few months have been highly transitional, and looking back it has all been for the right reasons. One of my future goals is to one day write about the reasons why I find myself where I am today. With a good writing skills foundation, hopefully it will be something that people would want to read, and  laugh at all my funny anecdotes not my frequent grammar errors.

In the mean time I will continue to etch wrinkles into my brain.

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