Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Plug it in

;I am going to make this Febreeze Product review short and sweet. I was recently sent two plug in varieties of air fresheners, one by Glade, and the other by the Febreeze company. I have made it quite well established that I have zero smell capabilities to things like this, so I let my daughters do the testing. The Febreeze products is new, called Noticeable, as you can see in the image. It has dual scents that are compatible. And according to my tester, Megan smells GREAT! We had it plugged in her bathroom.

The other plug in we used as a comparison was a Glade plug in Lasting Impressions version. It too had a nice smell according to my tester, but it only had one scent. Either product, if one chooses to use plug in air fresheners are nice, but the added benefit of the Febreeze odor eliminator and the dual scent option may be preferable to some. I was thankful that I didn't have any adverse allergic reaction to the scents, as that sometimes happens.

On this product comparison I will, give the Febreeze product a slight advantage over the Glade because of the dual scent option. My tester thought both worked quite well, but the dual scent made the Febreeze a winner in her opinion.

Amazon has given me a nifty new option to actually show images and links to any products I mention here in my little blog. I am giving you links to both the Glad and the Febreeze products I tested so you can find for yourself which you prefer.

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