Friday, February 26, 2010

March Madness

No, sorry to disappoint you, this isn't about basketball. I don't even watch television, much less sports. I even passed on the Olymipics. What this March Madness is about is the things on my agenda. They are, in no particular order.

1. Write five Miss Mom columns, striving for freshness in topics, creativity and a dose of humor each time.

2. Get one step closer to returning to school, yeah I am heading towards a career change, my body and my circumstances determine that.

3. Have a baby shower for Ashley, who is due just after Easter with Toy Strewing Toddler part 2.

4. Attend the wedding of a friend, and try to come up with a fab gift, that doesn't cost much...shhh, Ted ignore that part.

5. Get my house on the market for sale, as per the separation agreement I just signed with my soon to be former spouse.

6. Arrange to have the kitchen cabinets painted, and carpet installed while keeping a certain toddler and a very pregnant person out of that loop (plus moving furniture and stuff around to make it possible)

7. Do as much hair as possible to pay the bills for the month, ignoring the fact that bending over a sink really hurts these days...and no I can't afford a chiro's visit now.

8. Begin packing up my house in preparation for a move and for people traipsing through my place peering into cabinets and closets.

9. Helping Ashley get ready for the arrival of baby #2 and for her pending move which will happen soon after the little guy arrives.

10. Begin outlines for a future writing project that will need to be ready for use in early June.

11. Stay sane.

March should be a breeze.

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