Tuesday, February 23, 2010

picker upper, quicker

So Sylvie goes back into product review mode.

This time it is Bounty paper towels.

I have tried several varieties of paper towels over the years. I tend to be of the mind of using them sparingly, because my little inner environmentalist, knows that once used, they are destined for a landfill. For most of my cleaning needs I use washrags. However paper towels have their purpose, and a good quality one sure makes a difference. I tend to use them for cleaning glass, to wrap something for cooking in the microwave, or as an "instant plate" for things like muffins, and of course they make great grease absorbers for browned meats with a higher grease content.

So does the the extra few cents spent on a Bounty brand make a difference in quality? The following test demonstrates the answer.

I got one square of the Bounty towels. My purpose was to see how long it would hold together to do the job. With that one square, I cleaned my glass top desk, using glass cleaner, the mirror over my dresser, and the triple mirror in my bathroom. I then used that same paper towel to dry the surface of the bathroom counter and to give the faucet a polished look. I like no water spots on a clean faucet.

I then set the square aside for a day.

Then I took that same square and wiped finger prints off my solid glass storm door and the little television my granddaughter uses to watch DVD's with along with the surface in front of that television that had toddler snack remains rubbed in. Finally I took that square and cleaned off a portion of my dining table, also glass, removing fingerprint marks there. Yeah, I have a fair amount of glass. I like the clean look it can give a room..that is when the surfaces are actually clean.

At the end the square looked tired, it felt much thinner then when I had started and there was a small hole in one corner. Considering all I had put that single paper square through, however, I do believe it held up very well. So for all those thrifty minded, save trees, reduce landfill types, if you want to buy paper towels, I heartedly recommend the Bounty brand.

On a side note, along with the paper towel I had received I also got several copies of a recipe booklet. Bounty is a sponsor of Gospel Superfest. Last year the festival had a soul food cook-off. Different gospel choirs submitted entries. The winning recipes are in this little booklet. They are dishes designed for crowds or events like potlucks or family picnics. All the recipes are simple easy to prepare and sure to be a hit at any food related gathering. If you are interested in a copy (each booklet has five recipes), send me an email with your address and I'll pop one in the mail for you.

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