Sunday, August 30, 2009

The great renovation phase 1

So we have decided on doing a bit of upgrading around here. After much deliberation, a pile of phone calls and a few visits to home improvement type places we are ready to begin.

So I have offically picked out the paint colors that I will be giving to the painters for the inside of the least I think so. I have been using one of those on-line tools to help you see what a color actually looks like on the walls. I have picked and rejected a paint store's worth until I narrowed it down to one color for both bathrooms, the living/dining/kitchen area color and the three bedroom colors. Trim will be pure white of course. What looks good on a paint chip may not look good on broad surfaces, or with existing things like bedding. It has taken me several weeks just narrowing down my choices to ones I think we can all live with. WHEW!

I tried to pick colors that can go with a variety of accent colors, and that will blend well with the hardwood floors that will be our final and most expensive phase of this project. Now all I have to do is wait for the painting contractor to return my call for getting things started.

Phase 2 will, for us at least, involve moving all our furniture so the people can access all the walls, and taking down the window and wall treatments. The only big pieces I need to have help with will be the entertainment center and my massive bookshelf style headboard. That headboard will need to be disassembled for moving. I won't do that until absolutely necessary but hopefully soon.

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