Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is a test, this is only a test

A few months ago I wrote about toilet paper in my weekly Miss Mom column. A few weeks ago I was contacted by a marketing company asking if I would test a new version of the brand that I just so happened to mention in my column. I agreed and they sent it. They also wanted me to write a follow-up on this so here it is.

I was sent a package of Charmin's Ultra Soft toilet paper. It claims that it one will use much less of this product then the other brands, and that it is also softer then other brands. So my youngest and I decided to test it.

The reason I had written the original column was because we tended to go through tp at a rapid rate, at least when the kids used it. The promise of using less to get the same results as what my family was used to had appeal. After a week Megan and I compared notes.

We both agreed that the new toilet paper was softer. Megan gave it a hearty thumbs up for using less to get the job done. As I don't tend to use large segements of toilet paper squares to begin with, and yes I still leave the bathroom clean, I didn't notice as huge a difference as my daughter, but there was a small one.

We had also recieved a sample of a Febreeze product. This product acted like a burnless candle. IT is pretty, takes up little space, and again Megan LOVES it. I can't smell a thing so I have to take her word for it. I will probably buy another refill for her bathroom.

Would I buy this particular toilet paper on my own? Maybe if it is on sale and I am out of my regular stuff that I buy in bulk from Sam's. I know this is a quality product and I would recommend it, especially to people who's skin tends to be sensitive as the softness of the product is quite nice. I would have to do a price versus longivity study to see if switching would be good for my budget. I am a bit on the frugal side afterall.

For more on the experience of how and why I ended up being a product tester, visit http://www.spartanburgspark.com/ MyMiss Mom column on that should be posted some time today.


Punk With a Palate said...

OMG! You just got your first endorsement! Ha ha!They must hire people to search through blogs because I was contacted by success rice..she said that she was going to send me a free box because I had used it on of my recipes! We just have to be careful now that we are famous and not sell out, because it is so easy. Easy like...( holds up box) Success rice, a fast, nutritious way that complements any meal...available at any fine store near you... Ha!

SpartanburgSpark.com said...

Punk With A Palate commenting on Sylvie Is A Blogger? Online worlds collide!

S, Galloway said...

Haha. I didn't plan the timing that way. I just had both pieces ready at the same time.

Punk With a Palate said...

Ha! I think someone is Jealous of us Sylvie! Maybe he's just mad he didn't get any freebies. It's easy! Easy....Holds up box again...Easy like Sucsess Rice. Available in wheat or original white.