Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've written in another place

As I have written earlier, we celebrated my paternal grandmother's 95th birthday a few weeks ago. As part of the festivities I wrote a few words in her honor which appeared a few days on my Miss Mom column over at What I wrote was well recieved by the guests gathered and I was asked by one to write a few words in the local paper about the birthday girl. So I did.

Today I got a copy of the article and a nice thank you note in the mail from my Mama'. They didn't give me credit for the piece and there were a few changes made on some details I wasn't clear about. Everything else was verbatim what I had submitted. The paper had called Mama' and she had made those small corrections that needed to be made.

I looked at the Mitchell News-Journal's website to see if I could access the article there but their website is not that comprehensive. At least I got a hard copy.

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