Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The great renovation phase 1.5

Ok, once I give a go-ahead, things go ahead at a fast pace. I went yesterday to the Sherwin Williams store on Asheville highway and spent an hour with the guy ordering the paint. He was most helpful as I was STILL having a hard time narrowing down the choices. I am satisfied, very much so with my choices.

Last night Megan and I removed the towel racks and the little small cabinets in her bathroom and the few things I had left in mine, and took down some of the things on the walls in the rest of the house.

This morning bright and early (8:09 AM) the crew showed up. Within a half hour the light fixture that I had needed moving since I moved in was moved. I no longer have to use a paint stick to turn on my kitchen light. The switch is now ea sily accessible instead of between the fridge and the wall with maybe 3 inches to spare. They then removed the cabinet over my stove to refit it. That will enable me to put in an undercounter microwave/vent system. More counter space for me YAY!

The sheetrock guy got right to work in the master bathroom. Already it looks better.

I need to go today and pick up the paint. Either on my lunch break or leaving early, if possible. Tomorrow painting will commence. Another YAY! I took some before pictures before the guys got here, and will post those and progress photos tonight.

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