Friday, September 18, 2009

Take care of your back

That simple little statement "take care of your back" is so important. Why? Because in my younger days I wasn't all that careful. Well it isn't completely my fault. I am not the most agile person on the planet, dexterity is not my forte...ok, I'm completely clumsy. As a result I have been plagued by reccurent back pain for years.

Thank goodness for a great Chiropractor who patiently works to get me in as decent shape as possible until my back betrays me again.

This time it was because of a small box weighing about 5 pounds. My lack of agility and dexterity showed up in fine form the other day at work.

Now I am waiting for insurance so I can once again set my back on the straight and narrow path again. Until then I muster on, with some over the counter pain meds and taking as much time off my feet as possible.

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