Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tinsel me this.

I noticed last night that the tree that Megan and I worked so hard on to decorate is looking a little careworn, at least on the bottom 2/3 of the tree.

We didn't decorate the very bottom because its wedged in between our couch and our love seat to help keep a toddler out of it. BUT it made the perfect launchpad for two of the cats who have made it their mission to strip the tree of all ornaments from the middle section. I will be trying to make things neater today after church.

Now don't go suggestion the water bottle method of keeping cats out of holiday decorations. I tried that with the little cat. I kid you not, she sat there until fully drenched, just so she could get just one more swipe at the garland. Chernobyll gets herself far enough into the tree that I would risk electrocution if I tried spraying her. Luna-tic is our only cat that goes outside. She sees real trees every day, so considers the indoor one as unimportant.

There is just one thing that I didn't consider when deciding on safety for the reason for our Christmas tree location this year. Where to put the presents. There is no space!!! Looks like someone's closet, mainly mine will get rather full before December 25.

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Nana Jackie said...

I feel your pain. Since the remodel, I now have the perfect space for displaying a big beautiful tree, but with seven puddies in residence I don't dare set one up at all. Maybe in the dining room, which I keep closed off, but then only the neighbors and the burglars casing the neighborhood would see it. Dang cats, good thing they're grateful and affectionate. Oh, wait.....