Friday, November 7, 2008

Please! NOT YET!!

I went into one of those big box stores the other day, to get my tires rotated and pick up few thing while the work was being done. Sadly I ended up having to replace two tires, because they were completely shot. I wasn't happy, but we knew they were needing replacing before too long anyway.

What caught my attention was the Muzak playing in the background. It was only November 3, and I heard....Christmas Music!! Heck the Halloween candy has barely gone on clearance and they are already playing Odes to Jolly St. Nick!!

I know stores put on holiday music WAY too early in hopes of putting shoppers in a holiday shopping mood. But what about us poor saps who are stuck working in a retail oriented work place? By Christmas Eve, some of us, mainly me, want to hurt someone if I have to hear just one more rendition of Santa Baby, played for the 6 time in a 8 hour period.

Radio stations for some reason start Christmas music way too early too. I have yet to figure out the reasoning for that. I just hate it. To me it spoils the whole season. I like Christmas music, but hearing it constantly for 8 weeks? Wait till after Thanksgiving PLEASE!!

Looks like I will be digging out my old CD collection for my commutes to work very soon.

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