Monday, November 17, 2008

Has it been a year already??

Yesterday I attended the birthday party of my granddaughter who has just turned one year old. She enjoyed the toys she got, but was totally unimpressed with the whole opening packages scenario. She was also quite bemused by all the camera flashing around her as we were trying to take the perfect shot of her eating her cake. She got her hands all dirty with pink frosting and bits of cake and a bit on her face, but I suspect most of what she pulled off the cake, ended up on the floor and into the bellies of two delighted dachshunds, who belong to the hosting grandma. If we were wanting a kid face planting into her cake with glee, we were disappointed. Helene seems to prefer to reserve her massive mess making for her diaper, or any room of the house she can strew toys through.

It just doesn't seem possible that she is that old already. Wasn't it just last week that we took Mommy to the hospital to have that child?

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