Wednesday, September 26, 2007

P & M

There is nothing more "fun" then working for several months on a project and just before you turn it in to the people you are doing the project for, the motherboard on your computer decided to commit the computer version of Hari Kari. For reasons unknown, the Gateway formerly known as AARGGH blew its motherboard.

After I decided not to slit my wrists, I called a friend who took my computer to a shop. They are the ones that determined that ARRGGH would no longer be contributing to my internet addiction. However they were able to at least recover some of my memory, mostly documents and saved files, which was better then I had hoped. I can reinstall software, recovering months of work would have been much more time consuming. In fact I'm reloading software as I type this blog.

It will take me a bit to get used to the new keyboard, and have already determined that HP gives you a crappy mouse. I have already plugged my old laser mouse back in. The jury is still out on this keyboard, as the keys are different. That is causing my to hit backspace more then usual right now. Of course the backspace key is the one I usually wear the print off of first anyway.

One thing that i will be investing in in the near future, once my bank account recovers from the $600 drain I put on it today, is a flash drive. IF I had backed up that project on a removable source, I would have not had to wait to turn it in. Yet another lesson learned.

One last thing? The reason for the title of my blog. I have tended to give my computers names that fit in with the fact that they can frustrate me to no end. My first, an HP was GRRR, He lasted 7 years. AARGGH, the now defunct Gateway, lasted a mere year and a half. The New HP is to be dubbed Piss and Moan, or P & G for short.

Now you know.

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