Saturday, September 15, 2007

The boss...gahh!

This week our district manager has been at our salon. (I work for a hair salon chain) As I am acting manager, pending a fifth replacement, I have been having to deal with her presence, and the ruffled feathers produced in her wake. Of course it doesn't help that my staff consists of mere infants, the youngest, nearly 18, the oldest 21. Oh wait there is the part-timer who's health keeps her mostly away, but I'm not really counting her, as her presence lately has been mostly nil.

The DM isn't a bad person, or evil, despite the opinions of some, she is just doing her job. I do think that she is a little too into her job, but that is how she is apparently hardwired, poor woman.

What sucks for me is knowing that, yet again, I'm in a position of much responsibility, little authority, as being an interim manager, only allows you limited power. Interestingly enough, the infants mostly consider me the boss and wonder why I'm not just given the position. Good question, I don't know, other then the fact that after awhile, I literally begin my mental meltdown from the stress that infantile staff can promote. The fact that I'm on term #5 of this state of work existence is apparently irrelevant.

Now comes the fun part. Next week, my DM's boss is visiting the salon for the week too. I will have both women to deal with. Why is the regional manger coming here? Are we bigger screw-ups then I imagined? Do I need to polish up my resume? Or am I having another panic attack and should just not fret over this? I don't know, but I will certainly find out on Tuesday when I return after a two day work break.

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