Sunday, September 16, 2007

Must I balance that checkbook?

Here's the thing. I suck massively at math. I transpose numbers, add them up incorrectly, subtract them as incorrectly, and multiply like a 3 year old. I don't know why I have such a hard time with numbers but I do.

My dilemma is that I am married to "Mr. Perfect Math". This man can fill up a cart with groceries and guess within 5 dollars what the total is going to be. This is the man understands distances, measurements and basic metrics. This is also the man that wants the checkbook balanced to..the penny. This is completely at odds with my philosophy with money. Mine is. Well its within five dollars or less, good enough for me.

Why can't my darling, take the same approach he uses for guessing the amount of a grocery order and apply it to my inability to add a column of numbers, or even write down the stupid number in that column correctly? Most of our disagreements are about that checkbook balance.

SO, I went on strike. I agreed with myself that I would not add a single entre for a month. I liked it so much, I extended that strike. The husband figure is not at all pleased, but he cannot understand that I simply don't care. I don't want to have a disagreement over something he can easily handle single-handedly, and I'm perfectly content to let him take care of that. If I need to see something, I can just log onto the bank's website, notice that, yes, there's money in the account, and go on. Besides we keep at least 500 extra in the account at all times anyway. Even if we do go over a bit, we've got a built in over-draft protection.

I guess I'll take a peek at the balance, and see what the bank website says. Then write down what the hubby's balance is in my register, and call it a day.

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