Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello nebulizer

As I am writing this I have a machine hooked up. It is plugged into a wall socket at one end, and I have a mouthpiece at the other end. That mouthpiece is currently helping me inhale Alburterol into my lungs. Yes I have a nebulizer, or my own personal and completely legal bong. I hate the nebulizer, but I hate wheezing and asthma attacks worse. I have a high gag reflex so leaving a mouthpiece at my lips is a bad reflex just looking for an excuse to happen. I am not really all that fond of the  initial side effects of Albuterol either. The side effects are gittery, somewhat grumpy feelings and the desire to eat a bag of potato chips, followed by a strong desire for a nap. However the intended effects are usually worth the temporary discomfort.

For the past two weeks, this asthma sufferer has been well aware of the state of her lungs. I just am still not all that great at managing my symptoms. Mostly because my rescue inhaler is expensive, and I try to use it when I only when am having an active attack. I've had several of those in that time frame, plus a whole lot of wheezing going on. So I called my doctor's office. The nurse suggested daily doses of the Proventil from my rescue inhaler and at least one breathing treatment via legal bong. I will do that for the next couple of days to see if things clear up. I know the alternative is a trip to the doc, and a likely shot of a steriod designed to reduce lung inflammation. Shots are "fun".

So why have my asthma symptoms escalated? I've not sure. One reason may be the record pollen year we are having this spring. Another could be the fact that my work has me in contact with chemicals and aerosols for extended periods. A third is likely the air quality in my adopted city. Spartanburg scores an F for high ozone days and a C for particle content in our local air. i doubt I am the only person in this area feeling like I have. I hope that some steps are made to help improve the air quality here for my sake and for every other asthma sufferer. Plain old pollution may be playing a part. I just don't know, and just want it to go away.

I am quite thankful that I've been spared my usual cases of bronchitis or the springtime sinus infection this year. It may be that the allergy shots I've been on for the past two years are helping, at least with the allergies. the asthma is a different story. It's getting worse. It also preventing me from doing things like mow my lawn. Anyone want to do it for me this week?

So what's a wheezy gal to do? Well be a bit more assertive about my medications for one. Another is to try to pin down my episode triggers, hard to do when one doesn't have a sense of smell, but I suspect my work environment holds the key. I am worse there then anywhere else. The last is to take the steps necessary for a career change. That means a return to school, and time will tell if a new career path opens up before graduation several...years...away.

Ok, I am done with my breathing treatment now where are those potato chips?

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