Friday, May 21, 2010

feline tastes

My favorite breakfast is grits mixed in with crumbled sausage and bacon. It is easy to prepare, not taxing my meager cooking skills and very satisfying, at least to me. I have cooking it in the microwave down to a near science, except when I add a bit too much water and the durn thing boils over in less then two and a half minutes.

Every time I fix this culinary delight, my cat Chernobyll sits and stares at the bowl. If I happen to get up and walk away for a moment, I will catch her creeping her nose closer and closer to the contents, whiskers quivering in anticipation. She does know quite well what will happen when I am finished with my breakfast; she gets to lick the bowl. She does this with nearly every breakfast I consume, that isn't hand held. She is also rather fond of pancake syrup, but I don't have pancakes that often

. The odd thing is, she and Lunatic the other feline vying for my constant attention tend to avoid plain meat,. They will eat pulled pork, minus the bbq sauce, but avoid cooked or raw chicken, turkey and beef. I've given them bits for a treat, or a small bowl of broth and they snub it. Of course they snub all forms of bargain brand cat food as well, preferring to starve to death rather then eat it. I once had a cat that would literally stand on his back feet so that he could beg for cucumber peels.

 The only real exception aversion to meat sources in un-kibbled states is canned tuna. They would gladly sell my soul for canned tuna. Give them a freshly emptied can with small bits of tuna and they will happily push the can around with their tongues long after every trace of tuna flavor is gone.

Ok breakfast is done, Nobyll has licked my bowl clean to her satisfaction. Time to go put it in the dishwasher.

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