Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back Into Test Mode

A few weeks ago I was sent a package in the mail from a marketing firm. This is the second time I have been asked to test a product, and then review it. The first time it was a particular brand of toilet paper, and along with it I was sent a sample of a room deodorizer as a thank you and try me gift. I mentioned the deodorizer in my review blog and lo and behold, I am asked to test market another product in that brand of deodorizers.

There is only one problem with that, Sylvie lacks a sense of smell. My odorizer is non-existent. I work as a hairdresser and can't smell the most aromatic of perm solutions, or the hair sprays or the perfumes a client may be wearing. That can be a bad thing because perfumes have been known to trigger an asthma attack without warning. I have a good friend who sells Party-Lite candles and everyone raves about the scent they produce, except me. I just think they are pretty.

I love coffee, and I can't smell whether I am brewing my normal Maxwell House's dark roast or the indulgent local beans from Little River Roasting Company. Thankfully I can still taste the flavor.

I could walk by a garbage truck blindfolded and not be able to tell that the contents have been sitting in there about a week too long. For the bad smell cases my broken olfactory system is an advantage, but for when I want to smell things, I am out of luck.

So what is smelling deficient girl to do when asked to see how well Febreeze Sport spray works on my family's stinky gym shoes? Bring in my "team of experts" or in simpler terms, the kids who's noses work quite well. They tested it and discovered that it did work as advertised. They even decided to try it on non-gym related items, like the area around my cats' litter box and the trashcan where someone had just placed a poop-filled diaper. In both cases the odors were reduced. Based on just those two tests, I would suggest that this product could work quite adequately for what it was designed for.

Now I hope that the next products I am asked to test does not require the use of a sense that hasn't worked in a very long time.


Anonymous said...

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S, Galloway said...

Yes it is.