Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big weekend ahead

Tomorrow starts a big weekend for us here at the Galloway house. First will be my son, his girlfriend and her little boy coming for a week long visit. Yep we'll be a bit crowded around the place but it will be wonderful to spend time with my eldest and his little family.

Then there will be Sunday when the King clan all gathers in Spruce Pine, NC for the purpose of celebrating the birthday of one of our members. My grandmother, who will be 95 years young on that day. We will be celebrating with food, BBQ style and King induced entertainment. Meaning we will be doing goofy skits, singing and playing songs, and watching what the younger generation of our clan does at the shores of the small lake were we will be meeting.

I wish I had managed to sneak in a week off during all of this, but I didn't find out Mike's plans until too late and by then vacation slots for my department were already grabbed up.

I'll be putting up pictures of the birthday party next week, and there will be a tribute to my Mama' that will appear in next week's Miss Mom column. I am reading a version of it as my contribution to the entertainment. That is if my dad doesn't rope me into doing a silly skit.

Stay tuned.

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