Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A quiet day at home

Yep, I am going to get one of those today. No toddler to chase after, either. Of course the reason I am home is because my annual bout of bronchitis with accompanying respiratory infection has made its appearance right on time. Yeah, for me this is an annual event. I don't know why either.

I feel lousy, I sound like a five pack a day smoker, and the medicine is giving me heartburn. At least I went to the doctor early enough in this that I hadn't already pulled a muscle from trying to remove my lungs via my throat using coughing as a catalyst.

SO. what am I going to do today? Finish the little bit of laundry, throw something healthy in the crock pot and veg out on the computer in between naps. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back to my old self and applying a blow torch to both ends of my candle.

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