Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The double exit version

Here's a bit of advice. Every home that contains people younger then you should be equipped with a full body environmental suit sized to best fit the person in that home who is deemed primary care taker, or in simpler terms the mom. Why this recommendation? Because of how I spent the last couple of days.

My youngest, who is usually a vibrant enthusiastic young lady, woke up at 3 am the other morning. She started by moaning loud enough to wake her sister in the next room, who then bellowed loud enough to wake me at the other end of the house. I tried to ignore the noise. Too late. I next heard crying and discovered that my youngest had found herself in full throes of the Stomach flu, the double exit at once version. I got the girl some water to sip, and folded up the ruined bathroom rug, trying hard to get the vision of its contents out of my brain.

10 minutes later I hear moaning again. Crap, so much for sleep. I get up and go to her room. "I feel like I need to throw up mom!" She says pitifully. "Then get up and go to the bathroom." About this time the older sister, ever the compassionate one, Walks to her door, let's out a growl, and slams her door. The sickly one shows no sign of moving, so I drag my sleepy butt back to bed.

For about five minutes. The next thing I know, this child is by my bed. "I threw up." She said. I didn't have to guess, she hadn't made it to the bathroom. So into mine she went, while I got up and pulled off her bedding to add to the bathroom rug, and YES climbed back in bed beside her.

I got her clean linens for her bed a couple of hours later. Got her stuff to sip on and Tylenol. Within 48 hours she was fine. Just in time for me to get sick. I am now pretty certain I can about determine how much the average human intestine can hold. About 12 hours worth of stuff, if you dole it out in 15 minute increments. My husband, the intrepid trucker, came home the day after his daughter got sick, and now is in his second day of this gastrointestinal adventure.

It shouldn't be too hard to guess when I should have donned the enviro-suit that I have yet to purchase.

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