Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sylvie is...a movie promoter

Amazing. A little over a year ago, I mention a particular brand of toilet paper in my Miss Mom Column over at The Spartanburg Spark. That begin an interesting journey, as I was eventually contacted by a marketing company connected to Procter and Gamble who owns several great brands that we all know and many of us use. I have been sent several items to try and review to my readers. Now I am have the opportunity to try something new.

I was sent a press release package from P &G today. They also tossed in a cute popcorn bowl and some microwave Orville and Redenbacher's popcorn. My movie loving kids will have that popped up and eaten in no time.

P&G have partnered with Walmart in an effort to bring more quality  entertainment options for families. They did a bit of research with the Association of National Advertisers Alliance for Family Entertainment, and discovered that parents are wanting something they can view together as a family. The first product of this new venture is a made for television movie named Secrets of the Mountain. It will air Friday, April 16 at 8/7c on the NBC network.

The film is part dealing with family dynamics and problems and part treasure hunting adventure. Think National Treasure with kids as the treasure hunters. At least that is what I got from the trailer that I was able to view. One key line, and a theme of the film is "Families don't run away, they run together".

This is not the first foray into television programming for P&G. They have sponsored or produced television shows for over 50 years. A partnership with the Walmart corporation hopefully will be a winner for the companies and for we the viewers.

Which brings me to this. I will not be able to watch the premier of Secrets of the Mountain because of a scheduling constraint, but you can. I would love your take on the film, and will post your views as a follow up. In addition I have an opportunity granted to me to give away a DVD of the film and the CD soundtrack produced by Randy Jackson. If you are interested, email me. I will hold a drawing, and then announce the winner. The will receive their price directly from P&G.  The soundtrack features a variety of new and established artists. That could be a nice addition to your family's entertainment collection, and is a advance before these are actually released sort of thing. Walmart will be selling both the DVD and the CD as a package later this year.

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