Thursday, April 30, 2009

how fast they grow.

My granddaughter was over this morning, and I was amazed at how much more she can do. It seems that every week, she is learning a new word or skill. She knows exactly where toddler appropriate foods are stored, where all her toys are kept, that Pappy is who she gets to talk to on my cell phone, and that the little drawer on the tv stand in my office is where we keep her play jewelry. Also her hugs have developed to "guaranteed to melt your heart" status.

Little Helene' is becoming quite the mimic. She very much enjoyed "helping" me apply eyeshadow and know just where it goes, it is only in the actual application that she hasn't mastered. But my forehead did get some pretty colors on it. She will sit and let you paint her fingernails and toe nails, and loves my blush brush. Yes, she's becoming quite the girly girl.

What made me laugh today was her discovery of a travel size bottle of Ban deodorant left over from my recent trip to Charleston (side note, GO to that city, take the sailboat tour, you won't regret it) Anyway, as I watched, that kid was trying to figure out how to get the roll-on under her shirt in the general direction of her armpit.

Friday, April 24, 2009


My daughter Ashley, the new bride, called me today. She is somewhat frustrated, and I can sympathize. She is trying to adjust to life on her own, go to school work, take care of a child, adjust to married life, try to keep her apartment in a state they can at least walk through, and keep up with one small cat.

The cat broke Ashley's last straw. Andromeda is not the neatest little cat in the world. She scatters her litter, she jumps up on stuff and breaks things, wakes you up in the middle of the night by using your nose as a scratching post, and today her messy toilet habits prompted the immediate need for a kitty bath.

Feeling completely overwhelmed, Ashly asked me if I would be willing to take Andromeda back home. She felt bad about it, but I didn't mind. I am used to kids, to messes, to less then helpful around the house spouses, and I am used to pets, and I long ago got used the fact that my house rarely sees completely clean status.

Little Drama was a rescue brought home by my youngest child. She was the second rescue we had adopted, the first being Chernobyll. This cat was a scruffy disaster, ear mites, fleas, dirt and skinny to boot. It didn't take long for the gorgeous cat she was destined to be to become apparent, however, and soon she was ruling the nest despite being half the size of my other two.

When Ashley and Derek found their townhouse, Derek wanted to take a cat over to the place. As he was there for a couple of months before Ashley and Helene's moved in, he thought having a kitty would help him feel less lonely. Well it didn't, as he spent most of his time here with us. Of my three cats, he picked Andromeda. They tried taking Chernobyll as well, but poor Nobyll takes to any life adjustments badly very badly. She lasted 4 hours away, before I had to go fetch her home.

Andromeda stayed in the town house just three months. Long enough to gain weight and get used to being the top cat around the place. Now we all have to adjust. I had just gotten used to a three cat home, so I adjusted once again to a two cat house, now its three again. At least I gained a new kitty condo, more food and litter and a better litter box out of the deal. The newlyweds gained one less entity to clean up after. Helene' will have one more kitty to chase and harrass when she comes and visits. The felines in question? Well after they stop posturing and snarling at each other they will proceed to steal all the covers off my bed when I sleep. Andromeda will soon learn how to be an effective alarm clock, and changing the litter box will be done more frequently now

Sunday, April 19, 2009

She keeps staring at my plate

Ok, I have two cats, Luna-tic aka, jabba the Kitty, aka the White slug, the cat that is famous in my house for the ability to shed her body weight in hair in a single week, and Chernobyll, aka, dammitcat the third, who's pungeunt litterbox deposits are the reasons for her namesake.

Luna the older and wiser kitty only want my attention to be petted or to help pin me to my bed in the middle of the night. Chernobyll is much more attentive, especially when I am eating. It doesn't matter if it is something remotely appealing to a feline palette, she is interested in what is on my plate, and will stare at it, while trying to inch in closer, in hopes I don't notice so she can jump up and sneak in a bite. I've even caught her trying to dip her whiskers into my morning coffee.

Now this cat is hardly hurting for kibbles. I fill the bowl daily, and each greedy puss gets a spoonful of gooshy food every morning. Nobyll, just things what's on my plate is far more interested then salmon flavored tidbits. She knows well that the only plates that she is allowed to eat off are ones I have placed on the floor. Maybe that was a bad idea, cause I think that she isn't quite satisfied with just licking off the taste of my dinner. She'd just rather have my dinner.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sylvie Delves into the world of fiction

A couple of years ago I wrote the following short story. I was going through some old files and found it again. I wonder if I should try more of this or stick with my usual writing style, enjoy.

Alter Ego
A short story by Sylvie Galloway

Standing under the lights with a slight breeze blowing my hair, I raise my hand and wave at my fans before going inside. Life as a best selling author/supermodel/crime fighter maybe exhausting, but moments like this make it all worthwhile. However this was a working day. Even though it was, by all appearances my attending an after premier party for the movie that was made from my latest novel. I was also on the trail of a thief, a person who was known to steal things of great value and resell them to people of even more nefarious reputations.

The thief’s target, my sources told me was the Kalamazoo emerald, being worn this evening by the star of the movie. The skinny was that an international arms dealer had expressed a desire for the necklace, and was willing to exchange some very nasty missiles in exchange. I had etched into my memory two things, pictures of a village one of those missiles had destroyed with horrific results, and a picture of the suspected thief.

My job was to attempt to keep the necklace from being stolen. Sigh, babysitting jewelry, I’d much prefer catching the thief, and seeing him locked up for good. There was only one problem, the man everyone suspected of being the thief was a dead ringer for Hugh Jackman, yummy biceps and all. Part of me wanted to catch him to see his thieving butt rot in jail, part of me just wanted to catch him…

Giving my head a small shake, I went back to concentrating on the task at hand. Although I wasn’t fond of the necklace-wearing movie star, I had to try to keep close, that is if I could get past her entourage. Smiling and greeting people as I made my way gracefully into the ballroom I looked to see I could see the thief, as well as keeping one eye on the actress. The actress, whom I could overhear, talking about how her role in the movie was such an improvement over what I had written about the character. She forgets who also wrote the damned screenplay. The same actress who’s last four movies had been blockbuster flops. The studio did her a favor giving her the role, and they got her cheap to boot.

Just then I caught a glimpse of the thief, leaning up against a wall, handsome as the day is long, looking like he hadn’t a care in the world. “Why couldn’t he be an ugly thief?” I thought to myself. I also noticed that he was watching the actress keenly, watching every move she made. “Aha, you just think you are going to get that necklace.” I thought, knowing I had him. I turned and noticed that the actress had finally separated herself from her entourage and was heading to one of the outer room with her leading man/current lover. I excused myself and started to follow, noticing out of the corner of my eye, that the thief was doing the same.

I was just about to follow the couple into a courtyard when my arm was grabbed from behind, and I found myself not only pulled into another room, but in the arms of that oh so handsome thief. “Don’t you think you can steal that necklace,” He said, “I can’t let you do that.” It took me a moment to get over the double shock. The first, being in the arms of the thief, and then him accusing ME of being the thief. Recovering, I replied, “Me? Steal that necklace? Hardly. My intention is to keep you from taking it.” Right about then he traced one finger along my jaw-line, smiled at me and said “meow.”


My eyes flew open, and there on my chest sat my cat! She was naturally, wanting breakfast. A dream! It was all a dream. I’m not a supermodel/crime fighter. I am an author, but best selling? Hardly. I am 43, not fat, but quite fluffy, a mom, a wife of a wonderful man, and I couldn’t move gracefully across a room if my life depended on it. Grumbling, I stumbled out of bed, grumpily trudging to the food bowl, then trying not to trip over the cat went to make my first cup of coffee for the day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sylvie does a bit of sermonizing

I've been reading a lot lately about religion and politics, especially in light of the latest round of elections. These articles and commentaries about have me convinced that when it comes to certain topics, we as a nation are more polarized then ever, and I find it quite sad.

I wonder if faith should have a place in the political arena at all. Well not exactly, faith does belong there, but not in the vein one has seen it lately. I am of the mind that some have missed the point of what it is we Christians are supposed to do when we see things we think should be different. It looks like we've become a people of accusing, name calling finger pointers instead of people of respectful, graciousness with a strong desire to help.

Maybe it is because of the time of year. But I always take the time to reflect as where I am as a person and as a Christian. How have I done this past year? Have I lived up to the true principles of my faith, or have I been a detriment to the purpose I've been given? Likely a little of both. However I know it is best to follow that simple command from a former Jewish carpenter. "Love God with every fiber of your being, and love everyone around you as much as you love you." That second part is the stickler for me and I'm sure for many others, but it is so important.

I read the other day where some in the religious right think that their movement has been a failure. It sounds almost like they are taking their toys and going home in a snit. I happen to agree with the article actually. The movement by Dr. Dobson and others have been, in my opinion focusing on the wrong things, and compromising in places just so "The other guys" don't get elected. I wish instead they had focused on more relevent topics, like working to help keep christian marriages strong so the divorce rates amongst Christians don't equal or exceed secular rates. Or, encouraging parental involvement in the schools, asking them to volunteer to sit on PTO's or to help kids with homework, or to make schools work because we parents want them to. Or focusing on teaching and championing healthy sexual relationships, teaching that sex is part of a relationship, NOT just the relationship; and showing compassion, respect and love, so that a girl, when faced with an unexpected pregnancy, has support from others and then makes abortion the last choice, not the first.

For the other side? Willingess to help others on the social spectrum is an awesome things, but teaching them to stand on their own so they too can help others is even better. Also that they remember that personal choice does have a cost. Every action has an effect, so lets minimize any long term negative effects just so one can have their freedom. Personal freedoms do come with personal reponsibility, one must never forget that. We may be individuals, but so is your neighbor. You love our enviroment, so lets be practicle about getting to solutions, and demonstrate better your willingness to use those solutions.

For both sides? Please just stop looking badly at each other and instead find ways to work together, if possible on finding real solutions to real problems, like ensuring great education for our schools, like teaching better financial practices to people so the current situation doesn't make a repeat, like encouraging and implementing smart, realistic solutions to local enviromental issues, like championing volunteerism in every spectrum, and helping people so that they can soon not need so much help so that the government can ease its burdens to help those in need.

Whether you are a Christian or not, being kind and respectful to those around us, being stewards of the land we find ourselves in, being willing to engage in pro-active dialoge and action to help our communities benefits all, and has a much greater impact then some political or religious pundit stating their opinions.

I'll leave you with this, from my favorite bible translation. It is what I will try to follow the upcoming year.

1 Peter 2:17 (The Message)

13-17Make the Master proud of you by being good citizens. Respect the authorities, whatever their level; they are God's emissaries for keeping order. It is God's will that by doing good, you might cure the ignorance of the fools who think you're a danger to society. Exercise your freedom by serving God, not by breaking the rules. Treat everyone you meet with dignity. Love your spiritual family. Revere God. Respect the government.

Yeah it's a tough one, but imagine if more people did this?

Ok, my sermon is done. Have a great Easter everyone.