Sunday, April 19, 2009

She keeps staring at my plate

Ok, I have two cats, Luna-tic aka, jabba the Kitty, aka the White slug, the cat that is famous in my house for the ability to shed her body weight in hair in a single week, and Chernobyll, aka, dammitcat the third, who's pungeunt litterbox deposits are the reasons for her namesake.

Luna the older and wiser kitty only want my attention to be petted or to help pin me to my bed in the middle of the night. Chernobyll is much more attentive, especially when I am eating. It doesn't matter if it is something remotely appealing to a feline palette, she is interested in what is on my plate, and will stare at it, while trying to inch in closer, in hopes I don't notice so she can jump up and sneak in a bite. I've even caught her trying to dip her whiskers into my morning coffee.

Now this cat is hardly hurting for kibbles. I fill the bowl daily, and each greedy puss gets a spoonful of gooshy food every morning. Nobyll, just things what's on my plate is far more interested then salmon flavored tidbits. She knows well that the only plates that she is allowed to eat off are ones I have placed on the floor. Maybe that was a bad idea, cause I think that she isn't quite satisfied with just licking off the taste of my dinner. She'd just rather have my dinner.

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Jacque said...

Too funny! Names and all! HA!