Friday, December 18, 2009

Some Pre-Christmas gifts.

Tonight I am sitting in my warmest, most unattractive jammies, in a quiet house all by myself, if you don't count two cats. There are bills waiting to get paid, food to be purchased for next Friday's holiday meal, wrapping paper and boxes to go back up to my frigid attic, laundry to do, and the weather outside is a rather nasty shade of nasty, but I can't help but be thankful for a few things that happened today.

The first is that my son in law made it home from his army training safely. The flight wasn't delayed and the weather held off long enough for everyone to get home. Ashley and her friend made the trip up to pick up their soldiering men dressed in specially made t-shirts for the occasion. Even Helene' had one to wear. They all made it home just in time for the sleet and slush to start falling. These two couples had requested that the reunion just be them alone. No one shared the moment of these two couples first sight of each other after several months but passer bys at the airport. Yet that didn't take anything away from that special moment. Their families got their turn later on this afternoon and will enjoy catching up over then next couple of weeks before our young men head back to finish up the last of their training.

The second was the kindness of a stranger. This little group stopped by a fast food restaurant for lunch, the way home and a complete stranger bought their food. This was food for two men, one of which has, I know, a healthy appetite, their sweeties and one toddler. As the men were still in uniform, this stranger was touched by the scene of these two little families and gave a gift that will not be forgotten soon.

The third was the weather allowing me to go home from work early, and just have some long awaited, "no one but me" time. Yes I totally wasted it doing nothing of actual value, but it was still worth every moment. The weather kept Ashley, Derek and Helene' at his parents and Megan at a friend's close to where she works, so I know they are safe, and not braving the slippery roads. Most of our clients wisely stayed home as the weather worsened, and as far as I know all my co-workers made it home without incident as well. Tomorrow things will warm up and melt, and things will be back to normal. I don't get too many times like tonight, I so do enjoy them.

The last is sitting right behind me, a bed with blankets, pillows and two cats who act as feet warmers. I think I'll get into it now, and say a little prayer of thanks for these simple gifts that were handed out today.

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