Monday, October 5, 2009

It's pajama day!!!

Yep, I have declared it pajama day! I am really really tired, have been fighting a losing battle with fall allergies and just want to vegetate for a day or a year. I may or may not get anything useful accomplished except the next declaration.

Today is officially pajama day. That means I plan on staying in mine all day long no matter what. So sorry mailman if you need to deliver something to my door, sorry youngest child's boyfriend who will likely be at my house for dinner, sorry nice Jehovah's witness lady if you decide to knock on my door. My hair is uncombed, I only brushed my teeth once so far, I'm wearing over-sized sweats and a coffee stained tank top, and slightly smelly slippers, and I don't really care.

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Punk With a Palate said...

It's SO a pajama day. Can't join you though, in my world it's " you joined a gym last week and only went once so must go today" day. Damn you!