Sunday, June 28, 2009

My weekend with some politics tossed in

Well usually my weekend is fairly boring. Work on Saturday, Church Sunday morning then having the kids over for laziness and food, and on Monday catching up on chores and laundry preparing for my work week.

This weekend was a bit different. I took Saturday off. Something rare. Caught up around the house then headed to Brevard NC for a planning dinner with my husband's classmates. We went to The Twin Dragon. Its about the best Chinese Buffet in the south. The dinner was for preliminary planning for Bill's and his classmates 30th high school reunion.

Then we went to his folks for the night.

Sunday we got up and went to church with them, and got to see people I hadn't seen since I moved away three years ago. Then back to the in laws for too much awesome Mom-in-law cooking and relaxing on the front porch.

In the back of my mind were thoughts political. On the way up to NC I had been discussing with Bill about the local political scene and how I just wanted to do something to help make things better. I blurted out, "heck, I've even considered running for local office." To which Bill replied, "well you should." The more I think about it, the scarier that concept seems.

I know nothing of the process of running for office or what it would take to have that responsibility. Or even if I would make for a good school board or county commissioner member. It's just a thought. My talents may be better served elsewhere, but I am certain that I want to work, however I can, to help make my home and my community a better one. If it ultimately means tossing my hat in the ring, so be it.

I will have to give it some consideration, research and a whole heap of prayer. In the meantime. I will be burning up my keyboard sharing my opinions on local matters over at

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