Thursday, May 28, 2009

rain rain go away, someone needs to mow the grass today

Today's forecast again calls for rain. Now I know we shouldn't complain too much about the abundance of rainfall as our area has been in a severe drought for the past few years. It is heartening to see our lakes and streams begin to return to normal water levels, and I am sure farmers are delighted that their crops are enjoying the benefits of this mild and wet spring.

Secretly I am kind of happy it is raining every day, for one reason. I can't mow the grass, a chore I very much do NOT enjoy. However if it doesn't let up soon, I will need to hire a bushhog as my weed infested yard is growing taller and taller by the day. Bill just mowed it last week and already the grass is taller then before he took a mower to it.

Maybe it won't rain today and I can tackle the lawn in the morning, but then maybe I will be "forced"' to have to wait till Saturday. I just need to remind myself as I drag out the mower that I am burning calories, getting in shape, toning those muscles, breathing in pollen, wanting a drink, wishing I had self cutting grass...

You know what I mean.


Jacque said...

It has been very rainy here too! It is needed, but I DON'T NEED IT!! I feel like a drowned cat! LOL

Nana Jackie said...

Have you been able to mow yet? I've had to take over the mowing since my husband has developed a really nagging, most likely allergically mediated cough, so to keep our sanity I've assumed the mower duty. Now granted, we use a very sloooow little riding mower, but even in the days we had to mow our 5/7 acre on foot, it felt like I was burning a lot of calories but strangely lost very little weight. What's up with that? It can be very satisfying to watch that grass fall away and know it will stay tidy for about, oh, 24 hours. And I'm so ambivalent about the rain. Yes, it's good for my gardens, but it also means I'll have to spend a good two and a half hours mowing a little bit sooner than planned. Such is life in the summer for the homeowner.