Sunday, October 26, 2008

Keep it, no give it away, no keep it.

Today I helped my daughter go through all her daughter's baby clothes and do a sort. We had four piles, the toss, the give to one of my friends who is expecting, the give to charity and the keep. If Ashley had had it her way, she would have kept every little Onesie, sleeper and cute little outfit the baby had ever worn. However she knew that the amount of outgrown clothing would only continue to grow if she didn't do something. Besides she was running out of closet and storage room. She still had a forlorn look on her face when the task was done. Those little outfits represent some wonderful memories, however we had loads of pictures too. They store much more easily.

I am proud of her as she managed to keep a few special little outfits, like the one she wore home from the hospital, and my friend has some really sweet little things for her new baby. It was nice to revisit those favorite outfits and remark on how tiny they were. Helene enjoyed playing with the hangers and storage boxes as we went through her former wardrobe. We both were amazed at how much that little munchkin has grown in the past year.

Now if only we could have that kind of success with all those unmatched socks languishing in my laundry basket.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where's my heating pad?

Monday morning I woke up with a twinge in my lower back that by the end of the day was definitely more pronounced. I have a bad back, moderate scoliosis in my lower back, and my neck with a less then healthy disk in my neck. So I have things go south on occasion, it had just been awhile. I suspect that as I had taken a few days off from work that maybe picking up a 26.7 pound bundle of squirm one time to many may have set things off, so I go to the chiropractor for an adjustment and a bit of physical therapy on my sore muscles. I left feeling much better with orders to take it easy, come back in a week, and apply heat.

We took the 26.7 pound bundle of squirm with us so that we could go vote early. Yes while on vacation, I am babysitting my granddaughter. We figured we'd be in an out in about 20 minutes. WRONG!! Try an hour and a half! The baby was very good, entertaining us and the other people standing in line. Bill and I passed her back and forth and towards the end, my back was reminding me that I was undoing all that therapeutic work I'd had done. I found a chair to wait out my turn. I went to bed with a heating pad again.

This morning, I'm still stiff and am going back to work. Hopefully I'll have a light day, as my back isn't better. Of course it usually takes several days and at least two adjustments for recovery to be had. Anyone got a slightly used back in good condition they want to sell? I'd like to trade this one in right now.

Monday, October 20, 2008

touring for ghosts

Last night I went with some friends and took the Spartanburg Ghost Tour. The tour is taken while riding a open air trolley through several areas of our fair city. It is an evening event that even this paranormal skeptic would highly recommend.

Why would someone who is quite uncertain about ghosts and all that is about them go on such a tour? First because I was invited by friends, and second because, even if you don't see a single thing that may confirm the existance of the otherworldly, you will get an entertaining history lesson about some of the places in Spartanburg.

For example, The Old Main Building at Wofford College was used as a military hospital by the confederate army. Another was the site of a former flour mill, of which only a small portion of the building remains, where a multiple murder took place committed by a disgruntled former employee.

Several of the older buildings in the downtown district have historical stories attached as most have had changed in ownership and purpose. Where Wild WIngs now stands used to be a departments store, and Justin's Steakhouse used to be the location of a bank. Both locations had stories attached where a tragedy took place.

All of the locations we visited, including the two cemetaries had a story attached about people seeing, feeling or hearing something unexplained. To my knowledge the only thing we felt was interested in the tour and chilly, as the temperatures were probably in the upper 40's, and we were in an open air moving vehicle.

Our tour guides were knowledgable and quite funny. Two of the passengers, one of which was part of my group, got to be the spokes people of the tours. Well, rather our guide asked them questions to see if they were paying attention, then teased them mercilessly. My friend Chelsea may never speak to us again, as we joined right in with the ribbing.

When I got my half-frozen hieny back to my car I was quite surprised that two hours had passed. I enjoyed the tour so much I never realized that we were taking so long to see all the sights. I'll have to try the tour again, or maybe do the walking tour.

One thing I did enjoy is that the guides, who are paranormal experts didn't try to find a ghost under every rock and bush. They discussed some local legends and reports of what people had witnessed as well as some experiences they themselves had witnessed. They also were not afraid of discussing stories that had proven to not be accurate. Their website lists at least one haunting legend that, although a fascinating story and linked to actual people and events, was proven to be unsubstantiated. I found that refreshing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rain,Thai food, and new friends

Tonight I braved the weather and went to a local restaurant downtown. If anyone who doesn't live in Spartanburg SC want a nice quiet place to have a good meal downtown while visiting the area, then I highly recommend the Monsoon Noodle house. If you do live here and haven't been yet, don't wait as long as I did to try this great little eatery. I had a Thai dish with some hot jasmine tea to drink, and it was a perfect meal for a rainy October evening. The setting was clean and spacious, the service was prompt and the food presentation was attractive. In fact I commented on how pretty my food looked when it arrived.

Why did I go out tonight? Two reasons. I was long overdue a self induced treat. I got to have a meal, with nary a family member in sight, at some place I'd never tried before. It's been a long time since I've done that. I do need to that more often. I found it quite relaxing.

Second was a meet up with other folks who do what I do here in my fair city. Blog. We were a small yet eclectic group. Our topic of conversation ranged from politics, family, to photography, to knitting, to books, to business. One thing was obvious, at least to me. We all seemed to care about one thing in common, making this place we call home better then how we find it now. This is a great place we live, but as in many things it can be better. It was great to share ideas and stories about that very thing.

I look forward to another opportunity to meet with more Spartanburg residents in such a venue, and to take myself out for an evening at a new place to eat. There apparently are some great ones downtown.

The List

I've got a list of all the things I need to get done around here. This list does not include the usual everyday type of chores, that I struggle to finish and fail at. No this list is in addition to the normal list that includes laundry, cleaning the bathroom and determining what is that funky smell the kids are complaining about in the fridge. This list is stuff like, Take things to Goodwill, mail a package, find the number for the heating and air guy, make time to get my tires rotated, do six weeks of script editing for our church's children's drama. Just stuff that takes time. I'd also like to find time to get back on my exercise bike, as I have fallen completely off the "get into shape" wagon, oh, and come up with something to write about for my column.

And yet what am I doing right now? Drinking cooling coffee while I wait for my breakfast to cook (nuked cheese and sausage grits...yum) and blogging, while I put on my make-up. All that accomplishes is proving that I can multi-task while sitting on my heiny.

Just don't take my complaining to seriously. I'd far rather have lots to do then little. I get bored quite easily, so having things lined up to accomplish helps stave off that "oh no, nothing to do, what do I do now" feeling. Instead I prefer the "oh no, I got so much to do, what do I do now?" feeling. Yes, I know I am a bit odd.

So, off I go. I think I'll at least move the bag of charitable stuff from my bedroom to the trunk of my car this morning. It will join the rest of stuff that is already there. Maybe, I'll manage to finally get my trunk emptied this week, maybe.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

das gut, O'leary, merci, gov'ner!

My church does a wonderful children's service during the school year. It has lively music, silly drama, and object lessons. This will be my third season being involved with this little venture. I admit it is a lot of fun, and I have a great group of people I get to work with. Yes, I am a drama nerd.

I am currently learning a script for an upcoming service and I am in big trouble with this. You see, my character has a monologue. Memorization is work for me, as I promptly forget all my lines once the task is done. However this script has an added difficulty level. Within the space of about three minutes, my character will be speaking in four distinct yet different accents, German, Irish, French, and Cockney. Sigh. I do one accent well, Southeastern American, or Southern. I've tried out my "accents" out on my kids. They laugh and scoff. The older one then reads the same lines with proper accenting in place.

I've tried to play u-tube videos of movie clips, no help so far. I've gone to websites that give tips on how to speak with a certain accent. I still struggle. It doesn't help that Irish and Cockney have some strong similarities. French? Forget it. The best I can do with German is switch W for V. It will all likely sound like some poor southern woman trying to speak with non southern accent and failing.

My best hope is to learn the lines and just mangle through the accents as best as I can. Thank goodness these scripts lean heavily on humor to help get the point across. Comedy I can do. I wonder if I can work a prat fall into my routine?