Thursday, September 4, 2008

Apparently someone out there likes me!!

Someone in my area has decided to take the time to search out other people who blog in my city. They read a recent entry I had written, liked it and after asking permission, posted an excerpt on the local blogger site.

Spartanburg bloggers are an eclectic group, but that isn't surprising as most of us who like to write are eclectic in our tastes, our writing styles, our subject matter and our viewpoints. The name of the site featuring us bloggers from Spartanburg is which is tied in to a local online paper called the Spartanburg Spark. (yay, a new possible place for me to blather on about)

Should be interesting.


Steve Shanafelt said...

Would you believe we've been watching your site since we found it, hoping for an update? The tagline "Thoughts, ramblings, photos, etc. from the slightly ditzy, usually forgetful, and generally clumsy Sylvie Galloway" had us from day one.

Steve Shanafelt said...

Just to let you know, we profiled this blog post over at We're also thinking of having a blog meet-up next week, and if you're interested, please drop a line at