Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Have a peri Meno pause

Ok any male readers may want to avert their eyes for this blog as I am going to be discussing womanly things. More specifically the goings ons of the neighborhood that includes my vagina.

I am having to accept that being 20 is a thing of antiquity and the 30's are fast approaching light years of distance. I am approaching the halfway mark of my 40's and my body is starting to show the signs of approaching (gasp) middle age.

The latest sign is the little fact that my monthly cycle has become more bi-monthly like. Every 2.5 weeks, I get a redo of that event that many women dub "aunt Flo". It wouldn't be so bad if it were just spotting for a couple of days, but NO. That pesky aunt makes a complete 7- 10 day visit along with her cousins "bloat" and "cramp". So what is a young, nubile, girl to do? I don't know, cause I'm neither all that young any more and nubile? Snort. Only in my fantasies.

So instead I make an appointment with my friendly neighborhood Gynecologist. This guy I like. He does a complete pelvic exam including a pap smear in about five minutes. I barely have enough time to get embarrased before he is done. He has prescribed low dose birth control to see if that evens things out. What I am experiencing is completely normal, he says for women approaching menopause. JOY!

Hopefully the pills will help. If not, then its more tests to see if anything has decided to go skewed further inside my girly parts. Getting older does have it's drawbacks.

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