Friday, February 26, 2010

March Madness

No, sorry to disappoint you, this isn't about basketball. I don't even watch television, much less sports. I even passed on the Olymipics. What this March Madness is about is the things on my agenda. They are, in no particular order.

1. Write five Miss Mom columns, striving for freshness in topics, creativity and a dose of humor each time.

2. Get one step closer to returning to school, yeah I am heading towards a career change, my body and my circumstances determine that.

3. Have a baby shower for Ashley, who is due just after Easter with Toy Strewing Toddler part 2.

4. Attend the wedding of a friend, and try to come up with a fab gift, that doesn't cost much...shhh, Ted ignore that part.

5. Get my house on the market for sale, as per the separation agreement I just signed with my soon to be former spouse.

6. Arrange to have the kitchen cabinets painted, and carpet installed while keeping a certain toddler and a very pregnant person out of that loop (plus moving furniture and stuff around to make it possible)

7. Do as much hair as possible to pay the bills for the month, ignoring the fact that bending over a sink really hurts these days...and no I can't afford a chiro's visit now.

8. Begin packing up my house in preparation for a move and for people traipsing through my place peering into cabinets and closets.

9. Helping Ashley get ready for the arrival of baby #2 and for her pending move which will happen soon after the little guy arrives.

10. Begin outlines for a future writing project that will need to be ready for use in early June.

11. Stay sane.

March should be a breeze.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

picker upper, quicker

So Sylvie goes back into product review mode.

This time it is Bounty paper towels.

I have tried several varieties of paper towels over the years. I tend to be of the mind of using them sparingly, because my little inner environmentalist, knows that once used, they are destined for a landfill. For most of my cleaning needs I use washrags. However paper towels have their purpose, and a good quality one sure makes a difference. I tend to use them for cleaning glass, to wrap something for cooking in the microwave, or as an "instant plate" for things like muffins, and of course they make great grease absorbers for browned meats with a higher grease content.

So does the the extra few cents spent on a Bounty brand make a difference in quality? The following test demonstrates the answer.

I got one square of the Bounty towels. My purpose was to see how long it would hold together to do the job. With that one square, I cleaned my glass top desk, using glass cleaner, the mirror over my dresser, and the triple mirror in my bathroom. I then used that same paper towel to dry the surface of the bathroom counter and to give the faucet a polished look. I like no water spots on a clean faucet.

I then set the square aside for a day.

Then I took that same square and wiped finger prints off my solid glass storm door and the little television my granddaughter uses to watch DVD's with along with the surface in front of that television that had toddler snack remains rubbed in. Finally I took that square and cleaned off a portion of my dining table, also glass, removing fingerprint marks there. Yeah, I have a fair amount of glass. I like the clean look it can give a room..that is when the surfaces are actually clean.

At the end the square looked tired, it felt much thinner then when I had started and there was a small hole in one corner. Considering all I had put that single paper square through, however, I do believe it held up very well. So for all those thrifty minded, save trees, reduce landfill types, if you want to buy paper towels, I heartedly recommend the Bounty brand.

On a side note, along with the paper towel I had received I also got several copies of a recipe booklet. Bounty is a sponsor of Gospel Superfest. Last year the festival had a soul food cook-off. Different gospel choirs submitted entries. The winning recipes are in this little booklet. They are dishes designed for crowds or events like potlucks or family picnics. All the recipes are simple easy to prepare and sure to be a hit at any food related gathering. If you are interested in a copy (each booklet has five recipes), send me an email with your address and I'll pop one in the mail for you.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Please don't bother

I love getting feedback for my blog. I also love getting feedback for my Miss Mom column over at the Spartanburg Spark. Those comments help me know if I am being relevant or just spouting off nonsense. Of course they do help my ego just a bit. We creative types can be a bit under confident about the quality of our work, so reassurance that we don't suck does help, a lot.

One of the things that I do on this blog is discuss products that I've been given to try, websites I've visited and would think it worthy sharing, and my thoughts on occasion on news and politics. I also go back to the blog roots now and then, and share some things about my life, but that is found more at Miss Mom then anywhere these days I am always happy to tell my thoughts on a product, welcome any who would like to send me something to try...hint hint. In fact I have one that I will be writing about in the next few days, with a little bonus.

I learned early on to moderate comments. Why? Because spammers abound on the world wide web. I have received more then one comment that is nothing but a flagrant attempt to get me to advertise someone's product by posting nothing more then a link to a site that advertises the usual spam type selling gimmicks. You will not be seeing those comments as I will not be approving them. Yes I do have advertising on my blog, which is google based, and I may get a few dollars in income from that ad space. A girl does have to pay her internet bill you know. But I will not let my blog be used so that others can just do hit and run style marketing. I consider such tactics lazy, and rude. If you want me to talk about a product, then ask. Even better send me a sample to try out and then share. Just a warning, if I don't like it, I will be completely honest as to my assessment. Check out my WooNo blog entry for proof.

So spam minded advertisers, if you think you can sneak in a spam ad themed comment hawking viagra or some other junk, please don't bother.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I try to stay away from the fray that is national politics, honestly I do, but it is like watching an episode of Springer. You know its a train wreck, you know people are acting like fools on national TV, and you are just waiting for someone to throw a punch, or a chair. Sometimes I believe that following national politics is better then any quasi-reality TV ever conceived. No one can make that stuff up.

Why is it so entertaining? Because common sense, taking care to be up front and honest, and respectful dialogue has flown right out of the window. We have republicans refusing to vote for something democrats propose, without bothering to read the proposal to see if it has any merit. We have democrats calling republicans names,and not even trying to work with republicans, we have both trying to second guess the voters, so they can get another term. In fact election campaigns start earlier and earlier every season. And no one is addressing the problems we face.

Then we have voters,who for some really bizarre reason I can't quite pin down, who have decided to be angry, and would prefer to let other people sway their mindsets on all things political.  These are people who got cushy jobs doing nothing but talk about how right their opinion is, and downright make stuff up on the spot, or in other words, the facts are how that person views them. That is what they do, and people take what they say as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Blows my mind. It is almost like these guys are the televangelists of the political spectrum.

In all this, one doesn't see much in the way of getting down to the whys, and hows. The whys are how do we fix our health care system, including Medicare which is the biggest money sucking vortex we have right now? How do we fix our financial house, including our banks,large and small? How do we encourage jobs in our own borders and stop the exit of job opportunities to places far off our shores? How do we actually rework our energy needs that are long term, renewable, safe, affordable and green? There are some wonderful solutions out there. Sadly many of them are not popular, because it passes some of the responsibility back on to us, the voter. Apparently the American voter doesn't want that responsibility, because it may mean higher taxes, higher prices on commodities like gasoline, and getting used to a different health care format. Those may be only short term fixes until things get straightened out, but no one, not even our government wants to propose these things. While cutting costs on  certain programs can help, it still isn't addressing the core issues. I don't know why people aren't saying that, or doing something about it.

 It also means that we need to get our facts straight on issues, which is easy. Just go to any congressional website and one can read pending bills from the comfort of your own home. Don't like what you read? Email your congress person and let them know. Don't like how they vote, then vote yourselves come election day, or run for their seat.